Bolivarian National Guard raids parish San Martín de Tours

On May 8, members of the Bolivarian National Guard – GNB, carried out “inspection work” in Colonia Tovar, Aragua state, in order to find mercenaries who were part of Operation Gideon, whose goal was to destabilize the government. In the process, the inhabitants reported raids and mistreatment.

Monsignor Enrique Parravano pointed out that officers entered the parish of San Martín de Tours after breaking the locks, to look for possible suspects. Hours later, the governor of the state also entered the temple to continue the search.

This is not the first time that Bolivarian state officials have entered places of worship without authorization. Sometimes temples of the Christian church, known for their opposition to the totalitarian and repressive measures of the government, become targets to strict monitoring and vigilance, and even subject to violent acts such as the one described.

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