Bolivian Supreme Electoral Tribunal warns candidates not to use religious symbols

A few days ago, the Bolivian Supreme Electoral Tribunal reminded the candidates participating in the 2020 general elections of the guidelines established in the Electoral Regime Law No. 026.

According to the provisions, electoral propaganda that directly or indirectly uses symbols and/or religious references of any nature or creed is prohibited.

In case of non-compliance, the announcements could be suspended.

After the political crisis and the following resignation of Evo Morales, Bolivians will elect their president, vicepresident, senators and representatives.

The results will be especially relevant because it may or may not change 14 years of a government led by the Movimiento al Socialismo [Movement toward Socialism] party.

This will also influence the Church-State relationship because Evo Morales’ hostility to especially against the Catholic Church, for being the religious denomination that most openly questioned and denounced the regime’s policies.

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