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Antofagasta Cathedral vandalized

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, feminist protesters set fire to a banner at the doors of the San José Cathedral, located in Antofagasta. The action of the police prevented the fire from spreading inside the Cathedral and helped the door suffer minor damage, however, this is one more incident

Nicaraguan Catholic Church raises money anonymously out of fear of reprisals

Cardinal Leopold José Brenes announced that a total of $61,836.65 and C$1,454,305.58 córdobas was raised for victims of hurricanes Eta and Iota that struck Nicaragua between November 3rd and 16th. Official figures indicate that 3 million people were exposed to the effects of both hurricanes, approximately 46% of the population. And that, the damages and

Honduran Christian Church denounces obstacles in the distribution of donations

The Agape Christian Church recently denounced that the managers of the shelter installed in the Vicente Cáceres Central Institute, did not allow them to distribute donations directly to the victims of Hurricane Eta, on the contrary, they demanded that the institution be in charge of distribution. The delivery of aid to authorities of various institutions

Religious services shut down or interrupted in Cuba

In October 2020, Religious Freedom for Cuba reported that the Jehovah Shalom Church in East Holguin has been shut down. According to the organization the pastors Uberney Aguilar and Yalina Proenza have received threats from the Government and Communist Party officials at least 6 times. The threats demanded them to stop their work for the

The International Religious Freedom Alliance initiative

Daniel Stefano Salazar, OLIRE intern, comments on this recent initiative: “In February, the United States launched the International Religious Freedom Alliance (IRF Alliance). The goal is the promotion of freedom of worship and religion around the world. The commitment of this group is to observe and provide support to different countries that put in danger

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