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Bolivian Supreme Electoral Tribunal warns candidates not to use religious symbols

A few days ago, the Bolivian Supreme Electoral Tribunal reminded the candidates participating in the 2020 general elections of the guidelines established in the Electoral Regime Law No. 026. According to the provisions, electoral propaganda that directly or indirectly uses symbols and/or religious references of any nature or creed is prohibited. In case of non-compliance,

Efforts in Mexico to protect the right to conscientious objection

Last February, Senator Américo Villarreal Anaya of the Parliamentary Group of the National Regeneration Initiative Movement (Morena) presented to the Senate of the Republic a legislative initiative with the aim of clarifying the scope of the right to conscientious objection of health service providers. This project seeks to clarify what has previously been established in

Christian journalist harassed by Cuban state security

Yoe Suárez, an independent Christian journalist, was summoned by state security and informed that he could not travel outside of Cuba for indefinite time. The officers also threatened his wife and son on the grounds that through his work he sends counterrevolutionary messages. The journalist had already been arrested on previous occasions for trying to

Inter-American Court of Human Rights will analyze the case of Pavez v. Chile

The case dates back to 2007, when ecclesiastical authorities revoked Sandra Pavez’s certificate of suitability, which empowered her to teach religion classes at the Cardenal Antonio Samoré Municipal School, due to her sexual orientation. The IACHR presented the case to the Inter-American Court after concluding that the Chilean State violated Sandra Pavez’s human rights. The

Christians experience high levels of persecution

According to the Open Doors International report World Watch List 2020 (WWL), about 260 million Christians face different degrees of persecution in 50 countries around the world. The highest scores can be identified in the top 10 countries on the list: North Korea (94), Somalia (92), Libya (90), Pakistan (88), Eritrea (87), Sudan (85), Yemen

Catholic Church in Nicaragua denounces regime harassment

Representatives of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua continue to denounce the government intimidation and harassment against the Church and its parishioners. Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, Metropolitan Archbishop of Managua condemned the actions of the National Police against the Church San Miguel Arcángel de Masaya on November 15. He condemns the siege of the temple as well

The Holy Bookmark, a tool to counter religiously inspired violence

On 26 March, following the London terror attacks, the Dutch (atheist) comedian Arjen Lubach proposed a tool to counter religiously inspired violence, “The Holy Bookmark.” While this may seem funny, it is at the same time very useful tool. This is how it works. Whenever someone decides he wants to act in the name of his religion, there are a

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