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In Cuba, harassment of Christians intensifies during pandemic

While facing the severity of the economic crisis on the island, a situation that has gotten worse due to COVID-19, civil society organizations and Christian denominations have tried to provide spiritual and material help. However, the authorities have taken advantage of the restrictions imposed in the context of the pandemic to intensify the harassment against

Temples are vandalized in Mexico

The Archdiocese of Xalapa denounced the vandalism carried out against the Church of San José, Santiaguito, San Isidro and the convent of the Mothers of the Sacred Heart, located in Veracruz to the Attorney General’s Office (FGE). The phrases that were painted on the walls of the temples were: “fire to the rapist church”, “No

Bolivarian National Guard raids parish San Martín de Tours

On May 8, members of the Bolivarian National Guard – GNB, carried out “inspection work” in Colonia Tovar, Aragua state, in order to find mercenaries who were part of Operation Gideon, whose goal was to destabilize the government. In the process, the inhabitants reported raids and mistreatment. Monsignor Enrique Parravano pointed out that officers entered the

Priest receives death threats in Mexico

The priest Marcelo Pérez Pérez, parish priest of Simojovel-Chiapas and coordinator of the social pastoral care of the dioceses of San Cristobal, as well as his family and the members of the Parish Council of San Antonio de Padua, have received death threats  from the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). The threats were carried out

Vandalized churches in different countries of the region

On International Women’s Day, celebrated every 8th of March, various groups of women participated in massive marches demanding respect for their rights and equal treatment. In countries like Colombia, Mexico, andArgentina, some radical feminist groups vandalized various public spaces and monuments, including places of Catholic worship. These groups painted the walls of the temples, with

Director of the Casa del Migrante has received death threats in Guatemala

Father Mauro Verzeletti, a member of the Scalabrinianos religious order and director of the shelter “Casa del Migrante”, reported to the Guatemalan Public Ministry that he and his team received death threats due to their work. Father Mauro Verzeletti and his team provide humanitarian assistance to migrants from Guatemala and other Central American countries. Since

IACHR condemns harassments by state officials in Nicaragua

In a press release, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) condemned the escalation of harassment in Nicaragua against people who have been identified as dissidents, human rights defenders, and victims of human rights violations and their families. In response, the IACHR urged the State to cease these acts immediately. The statement of the IACHR

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