High bills on basic services are drowning the church in Nicaragua

Catholic churches in Nicaragua are financially drowning due to high electricity and water bills. This was confirmed by Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, Archbishop of Managua and President of the Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua.

He stated that electricity and water bills are actually high, despite the fact that there are no activities in the church due to self-imposed COVID-19 restrictions. He gave the Managua Cathedral as an example, the energy consumption bills have rose to an amount of 20 thousand Cordobas (573 Dollars). Across the country, the faithful, along with the parish priests of the various parishes, have come together to do activities to raise funds.

Due to the COVID-19, many churches have not had services for a long time. In previous months, Catholic leaders had denounced the inexplicable increase in the charge for services as the result of a possible alteration in the measurements made by the electricity company.

In the country, there have been various means used by the regime to obstruct the activities of the Church. Failure to pay can lead to the total cut-off of the service and the impossibility of carrying out Eucharistic activities or celebrations even online, among others.

The obligations of the State regarding the right to religious freedom, as well as other human rights, are not limited only to providing the necessary means for the full exercise of this right, but also not to impede its free development. Basic services such as water and electricity are essential for many temples to continue their activities as churches and as humanitarian aid agents in the country.

Image: La Prensa

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