Christian Ministry is reported to the Ministry of Health in Chile

The Ministry of Restoration, a Christian group whose vision focuses on providing support to people struggling with emotional, relational, and sexual problems, was recently reported to the Chilean Ministry of Health for violating the human rights of LGBTI groups.

The complaint was made by the Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation (Movilh), who claimed that promoting the conversion of homosexuality is an attack on human health and dignity and that any attempt to reverse sexual orientations or gender identities cause irreparable harm that scratches torture.

Beyond the assertion or denial that homosexuality deserves treatment, it is necessary to bear in mind that religious organizations, as well as any other organization, may carry out their activities/teachings in accordance with their beliefs/faith.

Providing spiritual accompaniment is an extension of the right to religious freedom and freedom of expression that cannot be limited to religious organizations/groups, or to those who voluntarily request such service.

While it is entirely valid that sexual minorities, such as LGBT groups, do not support or agree with these activities, this does not in itself justify the prohibition or sanction of the free exercise of the fundamental rights of other groups.

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