Church of the Assemblies of God in Abel Santamaría demolished

The Cuban authorities have demolished the church of the Assemblies of God in Abel Santamaría, a municipality of Santiago de Cuba, after months of negotiations. This is another example of the religious intolerance of the Cuban government.

The official statement of the authorities claims that the church and other houses in the area had to be demolished in order to build a railway line that would be part of the rehabilitation of a cement factory.

The church is one of the few that keeps a legal status. This is due to the fact that it was registered before 1959 when the government of Fidel Castro closed the possibility of legalizing new churches in the country, a situation that continues to this day. The official status gives churches some rights and allows them to negotiate with the government.

It was Pastor Alain Toledano who reported on the situation via Facebook. Shortly after, the pastor was arrested.

Image: Evangelical Focus

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