Cuban pastor released from detention

On January 22, after ten days in detention and being held incommunicado, Cuban pastor Karel Parra Rosabal was released from a police unit in Jobabo, Las Tunas.

The pastor was arrested after a violent search at his home in front of his wife and children, under the crime of “hoarding.” In the process, the police confiscated equipment and materials that were part of his bicycle repair shop. In total, approximately 50,000 pesos ($ 1,890 USD) in equipment were confiscated.

After several days in detention, the pastor had the opportunity to present his defense. After proving to the police that the equipment and parts of his business were legal, he was released, although his equipment and materials are still confiscated. In other words, he does not have the resources to do the job that allows him to support his family.

The pastor is the leader of the Fire and Dynamic Apostolic Church in Jobabo, an unregistered church. In Cuba, it is common for authorities to present false charges to pastors of these churches, as a form of intimidation or pressure to resign from the ministry. Acts like these characterize the state of religious freedom in Cuba.

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