Cuban regime continues to limit the right to religious freedom

Members of various religious communities in the country continue to be intimidated by state security services.

Over the past few months, interrogations, and threats to the evangelical journalist Yoe Suarez, an outspoken critic on the regime, have become a recurring pattern. On the other hand, Pastor Rigal, who was sentenced to prison for homeschooling his children, was transferred from Guantanamo Prison to a labour camp with internment.

In addition, Christian temples remain the target of attacks. Recently the III Baptist Church “Eden” was demolished  as an “illegal” construction under arbitrary arguments from both the Inspectors of Physical Planning and the leaders of the municipality of Mella.

It is also worth noting that in the midst of the health emergency caused by the COVID pandemic and the quarantine provisions implemented on the island, the government granted the Catholic and Evangelical churches a space on national radio and television during Easter; however, the messages of those evangelical churches not belonging to the Council of Churches of Cuba (CIC) were censored.

Finally, not only Christian denominations have become targets of the regime, but also the associations of Yorubas Libres de Cuba has stated that their leaders are being harassed  by law enforcement because of their relationship with dissidents and/or government critics.

As we can see, religious freedom on the island remains restricted and conditioned to the greater or lesser closeness and/or affinity of religious members or leaders with the communist ideology that inspires the regime. Those who do not submit to the Party’s guidelines cannot live or manifest their faith freely.

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