Evangelical Churches of the Biobío report violations of religious freedom to the IACHR

Evangelical organizations in the Biobío region have expressed their intention to report  the Chilean state to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for multiple violations of the right to religious freedom and worship. This is a reaction to the measures implemented by the State in the context of the COVID-19.

In this region, the conduct of religious activities has been the subject of debate. Faced with an outbreak of infections and under the argument of protecting the integrity and health of people, the Court of Appeals of Conception reversed the resolution of the Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Health (SEREMI) that allowed religious services in Biobío with less than 50 people if they follow the corresponding security measures.

However, sports group activities continue to be allowed, which is interpreted as discriminatory treatment that impacts the religious freedom of this group.

Similarly, these evangelical organizations have reported that they are being subjected to arrests, ill-treatment and closure of temples despite having complied with appropriate security measures.

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