Foundation Platform for Social Transformation registered with the OAS

On April 29, the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States approved the application of the Platform Foundation for Social Transformation program to be part of civil society organizations registered with the OAS.

The aim of the foundation is to promote social transformation in the broadest sense. The foundation focuses on programs that promote the political, socio-economic, and cultural development of societies.

OLIRE is one of the programs implemented by the Foundation to promote human rights, in particular the protection of the right to freedom of conscience and religion, as established in Article 12 of the American Convention on Human Rights and in Article III of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man.

As an organization registered with the OAS, we look forward to closer cooperation to effectively promote the principles of the OAS Charter and to support the IACHR to influence the development of regional strategies that guarantee the protection of the right to freedom of conscience and religion and interdependent rights.

The Observatory of Religious Freedom in Latin America is a program of the Foundation Platform for Social Transformation, a registered charity in Voorburg, The Netherlands under Chamber of Commerce #50264249.

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