Honduran Christian Church denounces obstacles in the distribution of donations

The Agape Christian Church recently denounced that the managers of the shelter installed in the Vicente Cáceres Central Institute, did not allow them to distribute donations directly to the victims of Hurricane Eta, on the contrary, they demanded that the institution be in charge of distribution.

The delivery of aid to authorities of various institutions or other local authorities has been classified as a risk since the handling of donations has not been transparent in the country. Many times, donations have been distributed to political activists. Apparently, in the face of the presidential elections to be held in November 2021, humanitarian assistance is becoming politicized since support is usually directed to municipalities of the Government’s political party.

Even military authorities have received orders to confiscate donations to deliver them themselves on behalf of the government, an action that has generated many doubts, especially due to the halo of corruption that surrounds Honduran government institutions.

The misuse of resources by the government of Juan Hernández during the pandemic revealed cases of corruption and misuse of funds. For this reason, in the face of the devastating consequences of Hurricane Eta, civil society organizations and human rights defenders requested that international cooperation establish effective accountability mechanisms. Among them, it was requested that the aid be channeled through local organizations, churches, and other institutions that guarantee an optimal distribution.

However, due to the obstacles that the Honduran authorities have imposed, there are still challenges for churches and civil society organizations to carry out their humanitarian assistance activities.

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