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De subtiele geloofsvervolging in Latijns-Amerika. ‘Opgeteld levert dit alles een heel verstikkend geloofsleven op’

Christenverfolgung gibt es auch in Lateinamerika…

In Mexico, Pastor Braces for Death But God Does the Miraculous

Hit man pulled trigger point blank against pastor, but gun wouldn’t fire

Mexican pastor survives assassination attempt

The Mexican bishop who negotiates with the cartels

Mexican pastor killed, nine years on from son’s murder

Three more priests become victims of gang violence in Mexico

Cuba’s new leader ‘not a reformer’

Two priests murdered in Mexico as gang attacks against religious leaders continue

Bolivian Christians can still evangelise … for now

Mexico a ‘case study in government inaction’ as third priest killed this year

Majority-Christian Mexico still struggling to ensure religious freedom for rural converts

In choosing Christianity, Mexican tribals risk alienation, eviction from their communities

Christians easy targets in Mexico’s lawless borderlands

Mexico drug cartels charging churches ‘taxes’ now ‘very common’

Expelled Mexican Christians forced to live in wine cellar

FARC: ‘Colombia wins, death loses’ in peace deal, but not everyone is convinced

Religious freedom ambassador visits Mexico

Colombia: How will FARC deal impact the Church?

Analysis: Latin American Christians need protection from organized crime

Argentina’s fight to hold onto religious freedom

Organised crime is making life worse for Latin America Christians

‘Castro’s death won’t end repression of Cuban Church’

The potential impact of US elections on the Church in Cuba

Why the Cuban Church is still under pressure

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