Religious services shut down or interrupted in Cuba

In October 2020, Religious Freedom for Cuba reported that the Jehovah Shalom Church in East Holguin has been shut down. According to the organization the pastors Uberney Aguilar and Yalina Proenza have received threats from the Government and Communist Party officials at least 6 times. The threats demanded them to stop their work for the church.

Some church members commented that they suspect the presence of a former Communist Party official, who moved to the neighborhood two years ago, has something to do with the decision to close the church. Religious Freedom for Cuba further stated that “how the communist government of Cuba responds to churches depends largely on whether they obey the government’s orders and submit to their ideology.”

Also in October, the Roca Eterna Full Gospel Church in the city of Florida, in the province of Camagüey has been suffering from multiple stone-throwing attacks. The incidents occurred during services, rehearsals but also during times of prayer. Due to these attacks, the roof of the church has been damaged.

Church closures, demolitions, or attacks on temples are other mechanisms used by state agents and/or regime sympathizers to intimidate Christian churches, especially those not registered.

Attacking churches of worship is a violation of the freedom to manifest one’s religion, both privately and publicly, and in its collective dimension.

Image: Diario de Cuba

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