ODCA proposes religious communities as humanitarian aid managers in Venezuela

The arrival of the Coronavirus further exacerbated the already critical situation in Venezuela, both in economic, social and political terms. While there is some progress on the support provided by various organizations to the neediest populations, most of the time this is possible thanks to negotiations and / or transactions with authorities at different levels.

The government recently launched the “Discipline and Awareness Bonus” and other university scholarships, to alleviate the needs of the population to a certain degree, however, these grants were channeled through the “National Platform”. That is to say, benefiting only those who have the ID known as the “carnet de la patria,” or “fatherland card, an identification document, implemented by the government to exercise a kind of social control over citizens.

In this context, the Christian Democratic Organization of America proposed that the aid from the international community to counteract the humanitarian crisis of Venezuelan citizens, be distributed and supervised by churches, religious communities and other organizations at the service of social welfare in order to guarantee that the delivery “is not conditioned with political or other interests”.

If the proposal is taken into account, it is expected that the participation of Christian institutions such as Caritas Venezuela, Vision Global Venezuela and the Venezuelan Federation of Israelite Women, among others, will make it possible to effectively distribute  basic goods such as food and medicine, without any political bias.

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