Paramilitary group attacks humanitarian aid brigade in Tabak, Mexico

On the 18th of November, a humanitarian aid brigade was attacked by members of a paramilitary group in the community of Tabak, Aldama, Chiapas, Mexico. As a result of this attack, María Isabel Hernández Rea, a nun, was shot in her right leg and needed to be treated in the hospital for her injuries. The Cáritas San Cristóbal de Las Casas and the Mexican Trust for the Health of Indigenous Children (FISANIM) were delivering food and aid to displaced families when a paramilitary group opened fire and attacked the aid brigade.

The Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center (Frayba), who received reports of the attack, condemns the attack and holds the Mexican State responsible for these acts because of not guaranteeing the security and integrity of the pastoral agents, civil society organizations and journalists who enter the region to document the violence and support the displaced families.

In the week prior to the attack, Frayba already reported that violent attacks in the region were increasing. Paramilitary groups originating from the Santa Martha community in Chenalhó have been responsible for these attacks. The communities of Aldama en Santha Martha have been in conflict for for 45 years due to a dispute over 60 hectares of land. As a result of this conflict, 26 people have died and several people have been wounded.

The IACHR has condemned the attack on the humanitarian aid brigade and reminded the Mexican state of its obligation to protect the life and integrity of indigenous people. The committee called upon the Mexican authorities to take concrete and effective measures to restore peace in the region.


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