Priest is arbitrarily detained in Venezuela

During Easter, the priest Gerónimo Sifontes, parish priest of the church Santo Domingo de Guzmán in Maturín, created a monument in which he exhibited the blessed sacrament and a broken Venezuelan flag as a symbol of the crisis in the country.

Due to a complaint of a citizen which sympathizes the regime, he was arbitrarily detained on charges of contempt of the emergency situation, remaining detained at the headquarters of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) for about 3 hours.

GNB is one of the groups responsible for leading the “internal order” in the country. That is, to suppress any action or voice that questions the government’s guidelines.

Religious leaders, especially those that are Christians and have reported on human rights violations and the crisis in the country are constantly censored and intimidated, either by party sympathetic citizens or members of the security forces.

The Observatory of Religious Freedom in Latin America is a program of the Foundation Platform for Social Transformation, a registered charity in Voorburg, The Netherlands under Chamber of Commerce #50264249.

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