Priest receives death threats in Mexico

The priest Marcelo Pérez Pérez, parish priest of Simojovel-Chiapas and coordinator of the social pastoral care of the dioceses of San Cristobal, as well as his family and the members of the Parish Council of San Antonio de Padua, have received death threats  from the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG).

The threats were carried out through phone calls asking the priest to get in line and recognize the criminal group as the “owner” of the territory, in exchange for maintaining peace in the area.

In areas under the control of these criminal groups, representatives or religious leaders are one of the main targets because their activities contradict with the criminal ideology. If they refuse to follow the “order” of these groups or motivate others to disobey, they are placed in a special position of vulnerability and become targets of all kinds of retaliation.

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