When pro-family activists are wrong

Some pro-family activists can be wrong, and even outright crazy. The Spanish pro-family lobby HazteOir.org came up with a terrible campaign. In February 2017 this club rigged a bus to circulate around Madrid with the provocative message (in Spanish):

“Boys have penises, girls have vaginas. Don’t be fooled. If you’re born a man, you’re a man. If you’re a woman, you’ll always be a woman. Do you know what they want to teach your child at school? The laws of sexual indoctrination.”

One wonders how this campaign is helpful to the pro-family cause. It’s unnecessarily aggressive, offensive and only confirms the perception of conservative Christians as bigoted fools. More importantly, it includes no concrete policy proposals or any constructive ideas whatsoever.

Rightly so, the City Council of Madrid ordered the seizure of the bus, and only allowed it to circulate again after the “offending language” was removed.

One might ask why whether this was not hypocritical on behalf of the City Council. After all, much more sexually explicit and provocative advertisements and public statements are easily tolerated. Only days before, a play in which a naked drag queen was crucified was not a problem at all.

But whether the City Council’s decision was hypocritical or not is beyond the point. Bible believing Christians ought to be judged by other standards. If they had been in their right mind they would never have come up with this absurd campaign in the first place.

What’s even worse is they now play victims, complaining that because the seizure of the bus happened without a proper court order, their legal rights were violated, that their right to freedom of expression was infringed, and that their religious freedom was violated. (They also take advantage of this scandal to gain new members and attract publicity.)

Pro-family activists can be wrong.

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