Superior Council of Notaries of Costa Rica incorporates conscientious objection in its directives

The Superior Notarial Council of the National Directorate of Notaries of Costa Rica modified the “Guidelines for the Exercise and Control of the Notary Service”, in order to allow the Notary to act adjusting his religious conduct and way of life to what his own conviction prescribes, without being forced to abide by their role in contradiction with their beliefs.

In this sense, the new guidelines establish the obligation of the notary to provide the service, within the framework of legality, reasonableness, and proportionality, except for a just, moral excuse and/or principles of conscience.

With this measure, notaries in the country may refuse to formalize those actions that they consider contrary to their convictions. This modification implies an advance in the protection of the right to conscientious objection for the benefit of public servants.

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