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Protestas webseries

In the framework of an ongoing investigation on Citizen Participation and Governance in Latin America, the Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean (OPALC-CERI/Sciences Po) in alliance with two journalists, seven researchers, and with the financial support of the Charles Foundation Léopold Mayer, launched the webseries Protestas. The eight episodes of the webseries are available

Superior Council of Notaries of Costa Rica incorporates conscientious objection in its directives

The Superior Notarial Council of the National Directorate of Notaries of Costa Rica modified the “Guidelines for the Exercise and Control of the Notary Service”, in order to allow the Notary to act adjusting his religious conduct and way of life to what his own conviction prescribes, without being forced to abide by their role

Freedom of religious expression

On the highway near my home, a monumental sign reads: “The Sabbath is the True Day of the Lord.” I find it very interesting but also quite puzzling. On a first impression, this sign can be interpreted as an example of a religious group exercising its right to freedom of expression. It’s likely a statement

Meeting with the President and Vice-President of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

On Tuesday 1 September 2015, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) received  a joint delegation of ANAJURE (Brazilian Association of Evangelical Lawyers) and the Foundation Platform for Social Transformation at its headquarters located in San José, Costa Rica. ANAJURE was represented by Uziel Santana (Chairman), Valmir Nascimento (Director of Academic Affairs), Augusto Ventura (Honorary Director) and Rosane Araújo

The Observatory of Religious Freedom in Latin America is a program of the Foundation Platform for Social Transformation, a registered charity in Voorburg, The Netherlands under Chamber of Commerce #50264249.

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