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Resilience to persecution. A practical and methodological investigation

The International Institute for Religious Freedom just published the last volume of the International Journal for Religious Freedom: “Responding to Persecution” (Vol 10 Issue 1/2 2017) Dennis P. Petri contributed to the journal with the article “Resilience to persecution: a practical and methodological investigation“. In the article, the author analyzes how religious minorities respond to

Yandier García Labrada remains detained in Cuba, IACHR grants precautionary measures

The Inter-American Commission has granted Yandier García Labrada precautionary protection measures because they believe that he finds himself in a situation of serious and urgent risk of irreparable damage to his rights because of his imprisonment in Cuba. He is an activist with the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) and has been deprived of his liberty

Religious services shut down or interrupted in Cuba

In October 2020, Religious Freedom for Cuba reported that the Jehovah Shalom Church in East Holguin has been shut down. According to the organization the pastors Uberney Aguilar and Yalina Proenza have received threats from the Government and Communist Party officials at least 6 times. The threats demanded them to stop their work for the

The limitations on religious activities in Cuba and Nicaragua and its impact on human development

OLIRE had the pleasure to be part of the Online Conference on Human Development organized by the Unequal World Research Center, IPSEC, and UN Liaison Office for IRLA and SDA. Within the framework of the conference theme Human Development in the context of Current Global Challenges, OLIRE presented the theme “The limitations on religious activities

In Cuba, harassment of Christians intensifies during pandemic

While facing the severity of the economic crisis on the island, a situation that has gotten worse due to COVID-19, civil society organizations and Christian denominations have tried to provide spiritual and material help. However, the authorities have taken advantage of the restrictions imposed in the context of the pandemic to intensify the harassment against

PhD Conferral: “The Specific Vulnerability of Religious Minorities”, D.P. Petri

Friday 29 May 2020: 9:45 (Amsterdam time) Online (open to the public) The starting point for this research was the empirical observation that a number of characteristic aspects of religious persecution in Latin America are insufficiently recognized by existing theoretical frameworks and data collection tools. Adopting a human security perspective, Petri develops a methodology that

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