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Protestas webseries

In the framework of an ongoing investigation on Citizen Participation and Governance in Latin America, the Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean (OPALC-CERI/Sciences Po) in alliance with two journalists, seven researchers, and with the financial support of the Charles Foundation Léopold Mayer, launched the webseries Protestas. The eight episodes of the webseries are available

Bill to reform the Law of Religious Associations and Public Worship, puts the right to religious freedom in Mexico at risk

Deputy Reyna Celeste Ascencio Ortega, a member of the MORENA parliamentary group, presented in October 2020 a legislative initiative to reform section IV of article 29, corresponding to the chapter on infractions and sanctions of the Law on Religious Associations and Public Worship. The proposal seeks to punish acts of discrimination based on people’s sexual

Resilience to persecution. A practical and methodological investigation

The International Institute for Religious Freedom just published the last volume of the International Journal for Religious Freedom: “Responding to Persecution” (Vol 10 Issue 1/2 2017) Dennis P. Petri contributed to the journal with the article “Resilience to persecution: a practical and methodological investigation“. In the article, the author analyzes how religious minorities respond to

Assessing the specificity of the vulnerability of girls and women belonging to religious minorities

The International Institute for Religious Freedom just issued the last volume of the International Journal for Religious Freedom: “Gender and Religious Freedom”. Dennis P. Petri, founder and scholar-at-large at the Observatory of Religious Freedom in Latin America contributed with the article “Assessing the specificity of the vulnerability of girls and women belonging to religious minorities”.

Temples are vandalized in Mexico

The Archdiocese of Xalapa denounced the vandalism carried out against the Church of San José, Santiaguito, San Isidro and the convent of the Mothers of the Sacred Heart, located in Veracruz to the Attorney General’s Office (FGE). The phrases that were painted on the walls of the temples were: “fire to the rapist church”, “No

PhD Conferral: “The Specific Vulnerability of Religious Minorities”, D.P. Petri

Friday 29 May 2020: 9:45 (Amsterdam time) Online (open to the public) The starting point for this research was the empirical observation that a number of characteristic aspects of religious persecution in Latin America are insufficiently recognized by existing theoretical frameworks and data collection tools. Adopting a human security perspective, Petri develops a methodology that

Priest receives death threats in Mexico

The priest Marcelo Pérez Pérez, parish priest of Simojovel-Chiapas and coordinator of the social pastoral care of the dioceses of San Cristobal, as well as his family and the members of the Parish Council of San Antonio de Padua, have received death threats  from the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). The threats were carried out

Criminal groups put the safety of religious leaders at risk in Mexico

Various criminal gangs continue to impose terror and violence in the country. Religious leaders who carry out their activities in areas with high insecurity rates bear their testimonies in anonymity because of fear for reprisals. They continue to report being victims extortion, kidnapping and constant monitoring. These criminal groups, in addition to seeking control of

Vandalized churches in different countries of the region

On International Women’s Day, celebrated every 8th of March, various groups of women participated in massive marches demanding respect for their rights and equal treatment. In countries like Colombia, Mexico, andArgentina, some radical feminist groups vandalized various public spaces and monuments, including places of Catholic worship. These groups painted the walls of the temples, with

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