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Residences of priests canceled in Nicaragua

Since September 2020, the Nicaraguan government has been pressuring Catholic priests by canceling their residences and/or preventing them from returning to the country. The Franciscan priest José Lemus Aguilar, parish priest of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, of the diocese of Matagalpa, traveled to El Salvador, however, in February he could not return to

Nicaraguan Catholic Church raises money anonymously out of fear of reprisals

Cardinal Leopold José Brenes announced that a total of $61,836.65 and C$1,454,305.58 córdobas was raised for victims of hurricanes Eta and Iota that struck Nicaragua between November 3rd and 16th. Official figures indicate that 3 million people were exposed to the effects of both hurricanes, approximately 46% of the population. And that, the damages and

The limitations on religious activities in Cuba and Nicaragua and its impact on human development

OLIRE had the pleasure to be part of the Online Conference on Human Development organized by the Unequal World Research Center, IPSEC, and UN Liaison Office for IRLA and SDA. Within the framework of the conference theme Human Development in the context of Current Global Challenges, OLIRE presented the theme “The limitations on religious activities

COVID 19 in Nicaragua, another context of intimidation for the Church

In Nicaragua, there is no defined strategy or official figures regarding the spread of COVID-19. On the contrary, the government, instead of adopting isolation measures, promotes massive activities and forces medical personnel to omit and / or misrepresent information. This stance has been harshly criticized by former public officials and the health sector. To date,

Catholic Church in Nicaragua denounces regime harassment

Representatives of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua continue to denounce the government intimidation and harassment against the Church and its parishioners. Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, Metropolitan Archbishop of Managua condemned the actions of the National Police against the Church San Miguel Arcángel de Masaya on November 15. He condemns the siege of the temple as well

IACHR condemns harassments by state officials in Nicaragua

In a press release, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) condemned the escalation of harassment in Nicaragua against people who have been identified as dissidents, human rights defenders, and victims of human rights violations and their families. In response, the IACHR urged the State to cease these acts immediately. The statement of the IACHR

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