The European Coalition for Israel issue a global call to fight anti-Semitism

The European Coalition for Israel (ECI) called to the community of nations to seriously commit to combating the current rise in anti-Semitism in order to preserve world peace.

As part of these efforts, ECI launched a new Geneva-based entity to fight anti-Semitism, the International Coalition for Israel, an umbrella group that will link activities outside of Europe to a global entity in Geneva.

The first official initiative of the new group will be ChurchesAgainstAnti-Semitism, which will educate, empower and mobilize churches and faith communities around the world to better combat anti-Semitism and support Jewish life in their own communities.

Antisemitic issues are also tracked in Latin America. According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), around 120,000,000 in the region people harbor anti-Semitic attitudes. Approximately 70-75% of the Jewish population in the region is located in Brazil and Argentina. Of these countries, overall, 30% of Argentinians (up from 24% in 2014) and 25% of Brazilians (up from 16%) hold discriminating attitudes against Jews.

In our Violent Incidents Database – VID it is possible to identify some of the incidents of anti-Semitism in the region.

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