Vandalized churches in different countries of the region

On International Women’s Day, celebrated every 8th of March, various groups of women participated in massive marches demanding respect for their rights and equal treatment.

In countries like Colombia, Mexico, andArgentina, some radical feminist groups vandalized various public spaces and monuments, including places of Catholic worship.

These groups painted the walls of the temples, with phrases like “The only church that lights up is the one that burns”, “Get your rosaries out of our ovaries” or “Church, trash, you are the dictatorship.”

In some cases, these groups violently attempted to enter temples during liturgical celebrations, shouting offensive slogans against the church and religious leaders. In some cases, churchgoers had to block gates with benches to prevent further desecration of the temples.

It is increasingly common to identify violent actions against the church in Latin America.

Issues related to the defense of life from its conception and therefore the rejection of abortion are part of the Christian doctrine that these groups reject, considering that it obstructs the exercise of what they consider their rights.

This motivates their attacks against church buildings and more generally against what the Chuch represents in society.


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