Vulnerability of religious communities in Latin America in the context of COVID-19

Religiones Latinoamericanas Nueva Época has just published the last number of its journal: “Theoretical-Methodological Debates in the Study of Religions” (N. 6, July-December 2020)

Rossana Muga, Coordinator of the World Watch Research Unit for Latin America of Open Doors International and Teresa Flores, director of OLIRE, contributed with the article “Vulnerability of religious communities in Latin America in the context of COVID-19”.

In the article, the authors briefly explain the limitations on the right to religious freedom as a result of the measures implemented to counter COVID-19 during March-August 2020 and describe how this influenced situations of greater risk and insecurity for religious communities in areas with a presence of organized crime, within indigenous communities and in societies with dictatorial tendencies, among other scenarios.

The full article can be found here.

Image: Wavebreakmedia/Getty

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