Yandier García Labrada remains detained in Cuba, IACHR grants precautionary measures

The Inter-American Commission has granted Yandier García Labrada precautionary protection measures because they believe that he finds himself in a situation of serious and urgent risk of irreparable damage to his rights because of his imprisonment in Cuba. He is an activist with the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL) and has been deprived of his liberty since October 2020.

His family was not allowed to see him until the 3rd of November. When his brother Yoanny was finally able to visit him, Yandier could not move his left arm and had bruises on his ribs, shoulder, and arms. According to his brother he had had not received any medical attention. Until the meeting with his brother, Yandier was not allowed to make phone calls or have any visitors.

To this date he has not had a prosecutor’s request, leaving him wrongfully imprisoned without any perspective. Several members of the Christian Liberation Movement have been threatened with being sent to prison, including their leader, Eduardo Cardet, who served three years in the penitentiary. He stated the following: “the unjust and arbitrary incarceration of Yandier García Labrada is part of a systematic campaign of repression against members of the MCL aimed at suppressing our activism on behalf of human rights.”

Also the brother of Yandier, Iran Almaguer Labrada, has been intimidated by the Cuban authorities several times. On the 4th of November, a day after his other brother Yeanny met with Yandier, Iran was was detained for five hours in Buenaventura. The security official who detained Iran demanded “stop your opposition” if he wanted Yandier to be freed. On the 29th of December, he was detained again. Political police officers arrested him at his home (San Andres, Holguin), according to local sources, ‘for promoting and defending citizens’ rights in his locality.’ He was released a day later.

The IAHCR requests that Cuba adopts the necessary measures to protect the life and personal integrity of Yandier García Labrada and that the state guarantees that his conditions of detention are in conformity with the applicable international standards.

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